Thank you for standing with us

Together, we secured a contract that puts patients first

Members of SEIU Healthcare 1199NW sat down at the bargaining table with Swedish Medical Center with three main goals: ensuring that our patients receive the quality care they need in every part of the system; achieving equitable wages and benefits that recruit and retain qualified staff, and allow workers to live in the community in which we work; and working toward racial justice, equity and respect for all, in both patient care delivery and our workplace.

You stood with us at the bargaining table, spoke at our rallies, and walked with us on the strike line. With your support, we achieved a fair union contract that sets the standard for safe, quality care in our state.

“We fought hard for organizational equity and inclusion in this contract. Our new agreement has real commitments from Swedish. Healthcare workers will be side-by-side with management to create a true culture of belonging in our workplace.”

Our new contract means safe patient care for our community and a better deal for workers:

  • Safe staffing: Immediate increases in staffing for nursing units and environmental services (EVS), a guaranteed voice for workers in scheduling and an escalation process to raise staffing concerns in real time.
  • Racial equity and inclusion for all: An Organizational Equity and Inclusion Labor-Management Committee, and commitments to ending sexual harassment discrimination, creating protections related to immigration status and providing religious accommodations for prayer schedules.
  • Recruitment and retention: Across-the-board wage increases for a total 13.5% increase; no healthcare cost increases and expanded childcare, elder care and other benefits.
  • Workplace safety: Increased security presence in all emergency departments and personal safety alert devices for all members.
  • Leaving no one behind: A first contract for social workers and counselors, equity for EVS workers, and sleeping rooms and pay increases for caregivers who provide standby and call.